Dr.sc.nat. Hans J. Haubold
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
Vienna International Centre
P.O. Box 500 (Wagramerstr. 5)
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1-26060-4949, Fax: +43-1-26060-5830, E-Mail: hans@neutrino.aquaphoenix.com

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Pala Campus
Arunapuram P.O., Pala-686574
Kerala State, India
Phone/Fax: +91-4822-216317, WWW: www.cmsintl.org

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Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Kerala, India

UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshops on Basic Space Science, IHY 2007, and ISWI

Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education, affiliated to the United Nations [web site 4]

Alexander Haubold: Columbia University New York Hans J. Haubold: Brief Curriculum Vitae