The United Nations International Conference, held in New York, USA, April 24-26, 1995
edited by
John L. Remo
Quantametrics, Inc. St. James, NY 11780, U.S.A.


Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 822

Contents and Contributors

Preface. J.L. Remo. Development NEO Research: A Chronological Outline; J.L. Remo. Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) Program; E.F. Helin, S.H. Pravdo, D.L. Rabinowitz, and K.J. Lawrence. The Uncertain Nature of Cometary Motions; D.K. Yeomans. The EUNEASO Project: A European NEO Search, Follow-up, and Physical Observation Programme; G. Hahn, S. Mottola, A. Erikson, A.W. Harris, G. Neukum, A. Maury, R. Savalle, H. Scholl, A. Bijaoui, M. DiMartino, C. Barbieri, M. Lazzarin, F. Migliorini, P. Pravec, M. Wolf, L. Sarounova, F.P. Velichko, Yu.N. Krugly, I.N. Belskaya, and V.G. Shevchenko. The European NEO Search Project within EUNEASO; A. Maury, R. Savalle, G. Hahn, S. Mottola, and G. Neukum. Meteoroid Obits: Implications for Near-Earth Object Search Programs; D. Steel. Overview of Orbits; B.G. Marsden. Long-period Comets and the Oort Cloud; P.R. Weissman. Comets as Porous Aggregates of Interstellar Dust; J. Mayo Greenberg, and J.L. Remo. Radar Reconnaissance of Near-Earth Objects at the Dawn of the Next Millennium; S.J. Ostro. Colliding Asteroids from Blind Directions; S. Isobe and M. Yoshikawa. Correlation of Ground- and Space-based Bolides; Z. Ceplecha, C. Jacobs, and C. Zaffery. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Fragment Size Estimates: How Big Was the Parent Body?; D.A. Crawford. Observations and Studies of NEOs and the SL-9 Impact at the Purple Mountain Observatory; H. Zhang, J. Zhang, S. Wang, Q. Wang, and J. Yang. NEO Orbits and Nonlinear Dynamics: A Brief Overview and Interpretation; J.L. Remo. Fast Resonance Shifting as a Mechnism of Dynamic Instability Illustrated by Comets and CHE Trajectories; E. Belbruno. Gaspra and Ida: Implication of Spacecraft Reconnaissance for NEO Issues; C.R. Chapman. Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Plume-forming Collisions on Earth; M.B.E. Boslough and D.A. Crawford. Atmospheric Screening of Comet and Asteroid Impacts; H.J. Melosh. Historical Detection of Atmospheric Impacts by Large Bolides Using Acoustic-Gravity Waves; D.O. Revelle. Analysis of Satellite Observations of Large Meteoroid Impacts; I.V. Nemtchinov, C. Jacobs, and E. Tagliaferri. Impact Record in the Solar System; G. Neukum. Target Earth: Evidence for Large-scale Impact Events; R.A.F. Grieve. The Cretaceous-Tertiary Impact Crater and the Cosmic Projectile That Produced It; V.L. Sharpton and L.E. Marin. Tsunami Produced by the Impacts of Small Asteroids; J.G. Hills and C.L. Mader. On Kill Curves and Sampling Protocols: Studying the Relationsships between Impact and Extinction; P.D. Ward. Cretaceous Habitats Before the End: The Record from 75,000,000-Year-Old Rocks in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico; D.L. Wolberg. Paleobiological Implications of Mass Extinctions; D. Jablonski. Asteroid Impacts and Mass Extinctions - No Cause for Concern; G. Keller. Environmental Perturbations Caused by the Impacts of Asteroids and Comets; O.B. Toon, K. Zahnle, D. Morrison, R.P. Turco, and C. Covey. A Unified Theory of Impact Crises and Mass Extinctions: Quantitative Tests; M.R. Rampino, B.M. Haggerty, T.C. Pagano. NEO Mission Dynamics and Advanced Space Propulsion; P.M. Sforza and J.L. Remo. High-Performance Ultra-light Nuclear Rockets for Near-Earth Objects Interaction Missions; J. Powell, G. Maise, H. Ludwig, and M. Todosow. Near-Earth Resources; R. Gertsch, J.L. Remo, and L.S. Gertsch. Mining Near-Earth Resources; R. Gertsch, L.S. Gertsch, and J.L. Remo. Several Aspects of Space Protection of the Earth: Conceptual Development; V.A. Simonenko. Optimal Detection of Near-Earth Object Threats; G.H. Stokes and D.F. Kostishack. A Near-Earth Object Hazard Index; R.P. Binzel. Momentum Coupling to NEOs; B.P. Shafer, M.D. Garcia, R.A. Managan, and J.L. Remo, C.E. Rosenkilde, R.J. Scammon, C.M. Snell, and R.F. Stellingwerf. Ice Issues, Porosity, and Snow Experiments for Dynamic NEO and Comet Modeling; M.D. Furnish and J.L. Remo. Magnetospheric Effects as a New Aspect of the Asteroid Impact Problem: Necessity and Possibilities of Laboratory Simulation Experiments; Y P. Zakharov, S.A. Nikitin, A.G. Ponomarenko, and S. Minami. Laboratoy Planetary Physics; P. Hammerling and J.L. Remo. A Proposal to the United Nations Regarding the International Discovery Programs of Near-Earth Asteroids; T. Gehrels. International Efforts toward the Spaceguard System; A. Carusi. Space Debris Issue at the United Nations; P. Lala. United Nations Contributions to the Worldwide Development of Astronomy; H.J. Haubold. Index of Contributors.

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