Proceedings of the first United Nations / European Space Agency Workshop, Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore, India, April 30 - May 3, 1991

edited by Hans J. Haubold (United Nations) and Raj K. Khanna (University of Maryland)


Conference Proceedings Volume 245

Contents and Contributors

Preface. United Nations Address; N. Jasentuliyana. Importance of Basic Space Science for Developing Countries; U.R. Rao. The Current Status and Future Focus of Basic Space Science in India; K. Kasturirangan. Astronomical Research in Japan; Y. Kozai. International Cooperation in Basic Space Sciences Research - Its Significance for Developing Countries: A Personal Experience; A.M. Mathai. Space Research: Developing University Level Curricula and Research Projects; H.S. Gurm. Biosphere - Geosphere Interactive Processes; A.P. Mitra. Solar Wind and Magnetospheric Processes and Various Coupling Mechanisms Including Those Observed on Other Planets; C.A. Reddy. Interplanetary Disturbance Structures and Geomagnetic Storm; G.L. Zhang. Equatorial Electrojet Phenomenon; C.A. Onwumechili. Spread F Phenomenon; C.A. Onwumechili. UV-B Measurements in India; B.S.N. Prasad, H.B. Gayathri and N. Muralikrishnan. High Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Studies of the Sun; S.K. Jain. Long-Term Solar Variability and Solar Seismology I; H.A. Hill and R.J. Kroll. Long-Term Solar Variability and Solar Seismology II; H.A. Hill, P. Oglesby, and Y.-M. Gu. Helium Radiation Diffusion in Prominences with Variable Electron Density -- Theoretical Contours of the Lambda 584 Resonance Line HeI; Ch. Lkhagrazhov. Basic Research in Mathematical and Space Sciences; A.M. Mathai. Galaxies and Stars -- Basic Building Blocks of the Universe?; Y. Chu. The Role of Space-Based Observations in Astrophysical Research; J. Grygar. Neutrino and Gravitational Wave Astronomy; H.J. Haubold. Effects of Nuclear Collisions in Extragalactic Radio Sources; P.N. Okeke. The International Ultraviolet Explorer Project (IUE); W.M. Wamsteker. Early Results from the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE); J.C. Mather et al.. The Search for Life Beyond Earth; R.K. Khanna, C. Ponnamperuma, and R. Navarro-Gonzalez. Workshop Epilogue; K. Kasturirangan. Appendix A - Workshop Recommendations. Appendix B - Workshop Programme. Appendix C - List of Attendees. Name and Subject Index.

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