Foundation Charter of the Working Group on Basic Space Science in Africa

We, the African participants of the Sixth United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop on Basic Space Science,

have formed the Working Group on Basic Space Science in Africa. The long-term objective of this Working Group is to enable the creation of an African Institute for Space Science. In support of this vision, we put in place the following strategic objectives to be implemented immediately in all the regions represented in our Group. They are:

  1. To create and maintain a database of all African space scientists. This will be used to promote and facilitate the establishment of networks of researchers across the continent;

  2. To promote education in basic space science at all levels in our communities;

  3. To organize regional conferences and training workshops in basic space science;

  4. To identify resource needs and to coordinate efforts to address those needs;

  5. To promote the participation of African space scientists in space exploration by pursuing possibilities for collaboration in future space missions;

  6. To establish a programme to develop well trained faculty members in science and engineering disciplines relevant to the basic space sciences by initiating a grant system to finance the required studies. International organizations and space agencies will be approached for a ssistance to enable such a programme.

  7. To lobby African governments for the creation of science centres to disseminate information about basic space science in their countries.

  8. The Working Group will meet annually to review progress, formulate its objectives and strategy, and biannually to elect its Office Bearers. The Working Group will communicate with its members through the medium of a newsletter which will be a forum for the exchange of information as well as a medium for dissemination of educational materials in basic space science.

    The founding members of the Working Group have appointed the following Officers:

    P. Martinez (South Africa) Coordinator
    M. Shaltout (Egypt) Deputy Coordinator for North Africa
    G. Anene (Nigeria) Deputy Coordinator for West Africa, Membership & External Relations
    Z. Ben Lakhdar (Tunisia) Representative to IAU Commission 46 (Teaching of Astronomy)
    G. Ogunade (Nigeria) Deputy Representative to IAU Commission 46
    F. Querci (France/Tunisia) Secretary and Newsletter Editor

    Signed in Bonn, Germany, on the 12th of September, 1996

    Rasim Amer ALI (Libya) Samuel O. OGUNADE (Nigeria)
    Gabriel ANENE (Nigeria) Francois QUERCI (France/Tunisia)
    Zohra BEN LAKHDAR (Tunisia) Mosalam SHALTOUT (Egypt)
    Cheick M. DIARRA (Mali/USA) Hamid TOUMA (Morocco)
    Peter MARTINEZ (South Africa)