Proceedings of the third United Nations / European Space Agency Workshop,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, October 18-22, 1993

edited by
Hans J. Haubold (United Nations) and Lesley I. Onuora (University of Nigeria)


Conference Proceedings Volume 320

Contents and Contributors


International Cooperation in Astronomy: The Role of the International Astronomical Union; A.H. Batten. An Inter-African Astronomical Observatory and Science Park on the Gamsberg in Namibia?; H. Elsaesser. An Astronomical Observatory for Central America: A Realistic Way of Strengthening Basic Space Science in Developing Countries; M.C. Pineda de Carias. Basic Space Science in Africa; P.N. Okeke and L.I. Onuora. Basic Space Science Education in Nigeria; L.I. Onuora, A.A. Ubachukwu, and M.O. Asogwa. Space Science Education in Developing Countries - Indian Experience; B.S.N. Prasad, H.B. Gayathri, and S.C. Chakravarty. Preliminary Analysis of Geomagnetic Day to Day Variations in the Equatorial Zone; F.N. Okeke and C.A. Onwumechili. Upper Atmospheric Research Projects in India; S.C. Chakravarty. Measurements of Solar and Long Wave Radiation Over Ile-Ife, Nigeria;J.A. Adedokun, Z.D. Adeyefa, E. Okogbue, and B. Holmgren. Optical/Infrared Astronomy in South Africa; R.S. Stobie. Liquid Water on Early Mars; W.L. Davis and C.P. McKay. The Determination of the Internal Structure of the Sun by the Density Distribution; H.J. Haubold and A.M. Mathai. Solar Nuclear Energy Generation and the Chlorine Solar Neutrino Experiment; H.J. Haubold and A.M. Mathai. Direct Mechanism in Solar Nuclear Reactions; H. Oberhummer and G. Staudt. Relativistic Electron Production in Solar Flare; P.N. Okeke and K. Ohki. About Some Measurements Done in Honduras During the Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 1991; M.C. Pineda de Carias. A Morphological Description of the Sun Observed in Honduras During the Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 1991; M.C. Pineda de Carias, J. Zamorano, and M. Collados. A Cosmic Rays Experiment; G. Perez Munguia and M.C. Pineda de Carias. Possible Variations of the Total Geomagnetic Field Associated to the Occurrence of the Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 1991; G. Cruz Calderon, M.C. Pineda de Carias, G. Alfaro, and A. Salinas. Measurement of Diffuse Solar Radiation on a Horizontal Surface at Ilorin, Nigeria: Preliminary Results; M.G. Iziomon and T.O. Aro. Some Aspects of Binary Stars; A.H. Batten. The ROSAT X-Ray Sky; W. Voges. Restrictions on Cosmological Models Placed by COBE's Measurements of Cosmic Background Anisotropies; S. Torres. Observational Constraints on the Cosmological Parameters; L.I. Onuora/. The Radio Luminosity - Linear Size Relation as a Test of the Quasar/Galaxy Unification Scheme; A.A. Ubachukwu. Inelastic Collision Model for Optical Emission from Large Scale Jets; M.W. Anyakoha, S.E. Okoye, and P.N. Okeke.

Appendix A - Workshop Recommendations.

Appendix B - Workshop Programme.

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