Proceedings of the sixth United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop, Bonn, Germany, 9 - 13 September 1996
edited by
Hans J. Haubold
Office for Outer Space, United Nations
Vienna, Austria

Peter G. Mezger
Max-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, Germany

Vol. 258, Nos.1-2, 1998, pp. 1-394
Kluwer Academic Publishers

Contents and Contributors

Preface. The Study of the Large-Scale Structure Evolution of the Universe by Radiospectroscopy Methods; V. Burdyuzha, B. Komberg, and G. Vereshkov. Microvariability in Blazars; M.R. Deshpande, U.C. Joshi, K.S. Baliyan, and S. Ganesh. Distribution of Young Stellar Populations in the Orion Region; T. Kogure. Polarized Emission of AM-Her Objects; H.Y. Rashed. Solar Activity and Interplanetary Disturbances; S.O. Ogunade. Synthetic Aperture Technic in Astronomy using Slit Aperture Telescopes; H. Touma. First Results from SOHO; B. Fleck. The Infrared Space Observatory; A. Heske. X-ray Scattering on Interstellar Dust; P. Predehl. Variability of Solar X-ray Radiation Measured by GOES Artificial Satellite During Solar Cycle 22; M.A.M. Shaltout and S. El-Ganedi. Neutrino-Astronomy with the MACRO Experiment at Gran Sasso; A. di Credico. Neutrino Water Detector on the Earth's Surface (NEVOD); V.M. Aynutdinov, V.V. Kindin, K.G. Kompaniets, A.A. Petrukhin, P.V. Tkachenko, V.V. Shutenko, and I.I.Yashin. Detection of Solar Neutrinos; W. Hampel. Nuclear Aspects of the Solar Neutrino Problem; H. Oberhummer, A.N. Ivanov, N.I. Troitskaya, and M. Faber. Non-Extensive Statistics and Solar Neutrinos; G. Kaniadakis, A. Lavagno, and P. Quarati. Variation of the Solar Neutrino; E.V. Kolomeets, V.A. Lihoded, V.M. Ahmedova, R.R. Nazyrova. The Dynamic Energy Source of the Sun and the Duplicity of the Stellar Energy Production; A. Grandpierre. On Thermonuclear Reaction Rates; H.J. Haubold and A.M. Mathai. Wavelet Analysis of the New Solar Neutrino Capture Rate Data for the Homestake Experiment; H.J. Haubold. A Proposal for Establishing a Gravitational-Wave Detector Interferometer in Pakistan; S.Z. Farooqui, M. Karim, N. Kawashima, A. Qadir, and H. Rehman. Motion of Spinning Particles in Gravitational Field; M.I. Wanas. The Formation of Galactic Cosmic Rays Spectrum; W. Tkaczyk. Alternative Astronomical Software Packages; M.R. Perez. IDL in Astronomy: ISO and the ISAP Project; E. Sturm. The Next Generation Space Telescope; R. Albrecht. The International Stratospheric Laboratory for Astrophysics (ISLA): An Astronomical World Space Observatory for the First Century of the 3rd Millenium; G.F.O. von Appen-Schnur and Th. Luks. Positronium in Space: Proposal for Detection; V. Burdyuzha and V.L. Kauts. Variable Star Research with International Networks; F.R. Querci. Astronomy Education: An International Perspective; J.R. Percy. Variable Stars in Astronomical Research, Education, and Development; J.R. Percy. International Cooperation in Ground-based Astronomy; P. Martinez. Observations and Recommendations. Author Index.