Proceedings of the eighth United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop, Mafraq, Jordan, 13-17 March 1999
edited by
Hans J. Haubold
Office for Outer Space, United Nations
Vienna, Austria

Hamid M.K. Al-Naimiy
Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Al al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan

Vol. 273, Nos. 1-2, 2000, pp. 1-350
Kluwer Academic Publishers

Contents and Contributors

Preface. The Sun from Space; K.R. Lang. High Angular Resolution Studies of Coronal Structures with SOHO; M. Karovska, B. Wood, J.W. Cook, J. Chen, and R. Howard. Ground Based Limb Survey of the Sun Polar Regions in the H-alpha Line; J.-C. Noens and O. Wurmser. Wavelet Analysis of Solar Diameter Measurements Performed at Calern Observatory Astrolabe; R. Moussaoui and A. Irbah. Search for Neutrino Decay During the 1999 Solar Eclipse; S. Cecchini, G. Giacomelli, D. Hasegan, G. Mandrioli, O. Maris, L. Patrizii, A. Plaian, V. Popa, L. Stefanov, and V. Valeanu. Analytic Study of Thermonuclear Reaction Probability Integrals; M. Aslam Chaudhry, H.J. Haubold, and A.M. Mathai. The Fractional Kinetic Equation and Thermonuclear Functions; H.J. Haubold and A.M. Mathai. Observations and Modeling of B[e] Stars; J. Bittar. Prediction of Spectral and Luminosity Classes from Spectral Indices with Artificial Neural Networks; R.K. Gulati and L. Altamirano. New Set of Geometrical and Physical Elements of the Two Variable Stars Sw LACERTAE and OO AQUILA; H.M.K. Al-Naimiy and T.H.Sh. Al-Masharfeh. Induced Star Formation and Non-linear Multipopulation Models for Galactic Evolution; F. Ferrini. Star Formation Properties of Spiral Galaxies; R.A. Kandalyan, H.M.K. Al-Naimiy, and A.M. Khassawneh. Comet Hale-Bopp and the Diffuse Interstellar Lines; D. McNally. Japanese 0.5m and 1.0m Telescopes for Near-Earth Asteroid Observations; S. Isobe. Scientific Research Using the Electronic Archive of the Hubble Space Telescope; R. Albrecht. NASA's Astrophysics Data Archives; H. Hasan, R. Hanisch, and J. Bredekamp. Using Astrophysical Data Archives in Astrophysical Research: RXTE as a Case Study; H.A. Sabat. INES: Astronomy Data Distribution for the Future; W. Wamsteker, I. Skillen, J.D. Ponz, la Fuente, M. Barylak, and I. Yurrita. ESPACE: European System for Particle and Astrophysical Cyber Education; P. Habison, C. Gottfried, and H. Oberhummer. Gamma-Ray Lines from the Galaxy: The GRO Revolution; N. Guessoum. Observing with SIRTF: Opportunities for the Scientific Community; M.J. Deutsch and M.D. Bicay. Advanced Approach to Concept and Design Studies for Space Missions; M.J. Deutsch and J.S. Nichols. The Importance of Intermediate Size Space Missions to Maintain Access for Astronomers to the Space Windows (Science with the World Space Observatory); B.M. Shustov. Spectroscopy on Small Telescopes: The Echelle Spectrograph; M. Porter. Importance of Small Telescopes in the Understanding of Active Hot Stars Physics; Ph. Stee. Imagery in the Presence of Turbulence Using Slit Aperture Telescope with Partial Corrections; H. Touma. A New Tool for Handling Astronomical Images; S.D.D.V. Rughooputh, S. Oodit, S. Persand, K. Golap, and R. Somanah. Robotic Telescopes and Networks: New Tools for Education and Science; F.R. Querci and M. Querci. What Can We Expect from a New Radio Telescope in Upper Egypt?; R. Schwartz and M.A. Mosalam Shaltout. Light Pollution and its Energy Loss; S. Isobe and S. Hamamura. Search for Cosmic Ray Point Sources with the MACRO Detector at Gran Sasso; H. Dekhissi for the MACRO Collaboration. Search for Magnetic Monopoles and for Nuclearites with the MACRO Detector; V. Popa for the MACRO Collaboration. Regression Models for Estimating Net Radiative Flux: A Case Study for Three Mid-latitude Sites with Orographic Variability; M.G. Iziomon, H. Mayer, and A. Matzarakis. Report on the Workshop containing the Observations and Recommendations; H.J. Haubold and W. Wamsteker. Author Index.