World Space Observator

United Nations:
World Space Observatory - An Appraisal, UN GA Doc A/AC.105/723, May 1999

European Space Agency:
Assessment Study Report WSO/UV, CDF-05(A), May 2000

P.M. Rodriguez Pascual:
WSO/UV Routine Operations Concept, Addendum to ESA CDF-05(A)

W. Wamsteker:
World Space Observatory (UV) - A New Approach to Space Astronomy
European Astronomical Society Newsletter Issue 20, November 2000, pp. 7-9

G. Scafidi:
Team X Collaborates on Review of Multinational Telescope
Universe (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Volume 30, Number 24, November 2000, p. 2

W. Wamsteker:
The World Space Observatory/UltraViolet (WSO/UV) Project: Current Status

Advanced Projects Design Team:
Assessment of ESA's World Space Observatory Proposal, CL # 01-1168, June 2001

Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting for 2001:
Joint Discussion 4: WSO/UV - The Missing Link in Astronomers Toolkit

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